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We guess you’ve probably heard the horror stories about people who have sent money abroad to building contractors to build their dream home only to find work has not even started even though they were sent many pictures showing the various stages of the construction. Shocking! Well we @Whysend thought so that is why we have created this service. It is easy to use. A bit like doing your normal weekly shopping online except that the shopping is not delivered to your front door but to where you actually need it. So if you need a ton of sand and some bags of cement order online and take away the hassle of sending money. This gives you complete control of how you spend and saves you time.
We also do groceries too. Again just like you weekly online shopping you can pick any one of the Whysend? partner stores in your country of choice and order weekly groceries that can be picked up by your family or friends. No need to send money abroad.
Whysend? The alternative to sending cash.

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